Welcome to the Mandala Designs colouring collection. I have created this collection of original mandala designs to provide  a wide variety of colouring projects. Many of the designs have traditional art influences from around the world. Others are completely original contemporary artwork. In the galleries, I’m showing coloured designs so that you can appreciate how they can look. The colours used are not necessarily the best combinations – that’s your job!

The Mandala designs are all available to download as outline artwork in PDF format.  You can enjoy creating colourful artwork based on traditional art forms or contemporary designs with your own unique touch.

Traditional Influences

Many of the designs in this collection use techniques similar to those used in traditional decorative art.  As well influences from traditional mandala art of the Indian sub-continent and south-east Asia, the collection includes decorative styles based on traditional art from around of the world.

I have created some original designs derived from nature together with modern geometric designs. I’ve also included a few examples of ‘fusion’ art where I have combined one or more traditional techniques with contemporary designs. Although many of the designs in this collection appear similar to some traditional artwork, you can be assured that each mandala is a completely original work drawn from scratch.

Why the Mandala Designs are in Colour

I believe the best way to show off the designs is to exhibit them in a finished state, brightly coloured so that you get a better idea of how the artwork can look. The colour combinations are mainly (but not always) typical of the traditional art that they are influenced by.

Each of the Mandalas in the galleries is available to download as an outline drawing. So, if you see a design that you like, you can  download the corresponding outline drawing.

At this point, I have assumed that most visitors to the site would be looking for mandalas to colour in themselves and would not be interested in buying the colour version. However, if you would like to buy colour versions, please let me know. If there is sufficient demand. I can make make them available as high resolution JPEGs. Please provide your comments on this using the contact form.

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All of the mandala designs can be obtained as outline art from the Mandala Downloads page. You can buy individual mandalas or gallery sets. There are also some free mandala designs that you can download directly.

Individual designs can also be added to your shopping basket directly from the galleries.

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