Mandala Downloads

This is where you download the outline designs ready for colouring. You can purchase mandala downloads either as individual designs or in gallery sets.


How to Buy

Browse the images by selecting categories on the right. To add an item to your shopping basket, click on the image to view the price and then click the ‘Purchase’ button. You can manage your shopping basket at the bottom of the page.

Remember that there are coloured example the Mandalas in the Gallery pages. You can purchase from there too.

Download Format

The mandala downloads are in a line art format using narrow outlines to make colouring easy.  They are designed specifically for printing as templates for coloring in using coloured pencils, crayons, felt tip pens, etc. according to the paper you use.

In contrast to most art downloads, these mandala downloads are in vector style PDF format so that you can print them at any size you wish without loosing the sharpness.

Individual Mandalas

Each mandala design is available as a single page A4 format PDF

Gallery Sets

The gallery sets are collections of mandalas that correspond to the galleries on the Galleries page. Each set is available as a multi-page A4 format PDF with each design on its own page. If you like all of the mandalas in a particular gallery,  purchasing the gallery set is cheaper than purchasing the designs individually. You can make a further saving if you purchase all gallery sets as a single order, in which case, you will be able to download each set as a separate PDF file.

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Use of the Mandala Designs

According to the Terms of Use, you can print up to five copies of each design for personal use or sharing with a friend or family member.

Terms of Use
For each item you purchase, you are purchasing a copy of an original design Copyright ©KEITH HARDY–ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The design remains the property of Keith Hardy and you must adhere to copyright law.
You are allowed to print and use up to 5 copies of each design for personal recreational or craft projects without prior permission of the owner. Wherever possible you should acknowledge the author and website.
Reproduction of the designs for any other purpose, including direct resale, books, electronic or other design resources is strictly prohibited.
Use the contact form if you would like to know more about permitted use of the designs.

Terms of Use

Minimum Order

When you purchase individual designs, you must spend at least £1.50
to help me to cover the cost of the transaction. You will not be allowed to check out if the total value of your shopping basket is less than this value.

Free Downloads

There are some free mandala designs that you can download directly without going through checkout. Although they are free to download, they are still subject to the Terms of Use.